Board Members


chnfav Walter H. Nash, Jr. (DJ Jam)

Walter H. Nash, Jr., professionally known as “DJ Jam,” was born in Haggerstown, Maryland, and raised in San Diego, DJ Jam exclusive portraits in Los Angeles.California, where he currently resides. A world renowned DJ, Jam has over 30 years in the professional music industry, working with high profile recording artists such as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Jam attended Cal State Dominguez Hills and majored in Music with an emphasis in Audio Engineering while working in the DJ field. He is credited with working with infamous performers such as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G., Bobby Brown, and Chaunte Moore, and others. While on the road as a DJ, Jam honed his craft integrating technology with music. He is a highly sought out industry expert and has been featured on national talk shows and awards programs, and has had syndicated radio shows across the United States and internationally. Jam has taken his expertise into the field of design as well, creating the Tank Platinum headphones for Aerial 7, a top seller for the company. He credits his love of the music industry to his uncle, Johnny Nash, the singer/song writer of the famous hit “I Can See Clearly Now” (1972), also known for bringing the genre of Reggae to popularity in the U.S. Walter Nash is also an animal lover and has been affectionately dubbed “Dr. Doolittle” by his peers, who are amazed by his ability to connect with animals. His interest in animals and habitats led to his acquiring a variety of animals including potbelly pigs, squirrel monkeys, sulcata tortoises, hairless guinea pigs, aquatic turtles, fresh water fish, and various reptiles and dogs (he’s allergic to cats!). He has become highly knowledgeable in the area of animal habitat, and has created a home zoo. The creation of the Community Hands Network is a life-long “dream come true,” whereby Nash has been able to integrate his expertise in music, media, and arts with animals and habitats, in service of providing positive educational experiences for the greater community, especially underprivileged youth. Nash has recruited experts with various backgrounds in music, animals and their habitats, education, and philanthropy to serve on his Board of Directors for CHN, for the common purpose of giving back to the community… something he has dreamed of doing ever since childhood when he attended the Elementary Institute for Science in San Diego.

chnfav Marceline M. Marques

Marceline Marques is a native of San Diego, California.  An elementary school principal in the San Diego Unified Pose3School District, Mrs. Marques has worked in the education field since 1986 as teacher, project resource teacher, peer coach, and administrator.  Mrs. Marques earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University in Drama with an emphasis in Design for Stage, and minored in Spanish.  She returned to SDSU to earn her multiple subject K-12 teaching credential, and again to earn her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration as well as her Professional Educational Administration credential.  Mrs. Marques is a member of the Association of Hispanic School Administrators and the Administrator’s Association of San Diego branch of the Association of California School Administrators.  She has extensive experience in academic, report, and grant writing, as well as in community studies.  She is affiliated with the SDSU Department of Psychology; UCSD Department of Research; UCSD Department of Wellness; and the YMCA Mission Valley and Toby Wells branches.  Mrs. Marques is a member of the SDUSD Wellness Committee, the Kearny Community Cluster of Schools Committee, and the Serra Mesa Principals Group. Her philanthropic involvements include volunteerism at Friends of Cats, volunteer makeup designer and artist at Joan Kroc Salvation Army’s Junior Theatre, and volunteer Junior High Catechist and professional trainer of Catechists for Santa Sophia Catholic Church.


chnfavVernon Moore

Richard Vernon Moore is a San Diego native and the son of Drs. Gene and Juel Moore. Vernon attended and Vernon Officialgraduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. He then obtained his teaching credential at the University of San Diego.  Mr. Moore earned his masters’ degree in education as well as his Administrative Credential from San Diego State University.  He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at SDSU, and is the Executive Director of Student Services with SDUSD.  Mr. Moore has worked as teacher, literacy administrator, dean of students, vice principal, and principal for San Diego Unified School District. One of his most challenging assignments was as principal at ALBA Community Day School, which serves pupils who have been expelled from their regular schools in SDUSD.  Mr. Moore’s affiliations include the City Heights Educational Collaborative—a group of elementary, secondary and university educators spearheaded by local businessman Sol Price and Price Charities; educational partner with the Old Globe Theater, Mainly Mozart, and California Ballet; and community partner with North Park Community Association and Urban Youth Collaborative.  Mr. Moore is an active member of Zeta Sigma Lambda, the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; he is the current president of the Association of African American Educators; and he serves as a leadership forum member of the Association of California School Administrators.


chnfavDeSean L. Bailey

DeSean L. Bailey was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides in both Los Angeles and San Diego, California.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Community Youth Development at Springfield College in Massachusetts.  His Master’s of Arts was earned at San Diego State University in Arts and Education with an emphasis in Multicultural Counseling. Currently working on his PhD in Philosophy of Sports Psychology at the University for Integrative Studies in San Diego, Bailey plans to specialize in working with high profile individuals, including celebrities and athletes, providing ethno- therapy for performance enhancement and personal growth.  Bailey’s entrepreneurial projects include independent film producing and directing as well as family entertainment DVD series distribution, as well as developing a broadcast company focusing on international urban programming. His philanthropic work involves business development, grant writing, and marketing to raise funds for several nonprofit agencies, including Foster Care Agency National Youth Advocacy Program, The San Diego Youth Congress, and the development of a Chicago based woman’s shelter.   After his recent stint in Rome, Italy summer 2010, teaching Empowerment in working with the Multi-cultural Client, at the World Conference of Psychology, Bailey understand the precedent need for more male presence in higher education. This has become a new personal challenge for Bailey’s life legacy.