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THE 6 TROUBLE FREQUENCIES THAT COULD RUIN YOUR MIX CHEAT SHEET Stop the frustration and bring clarity and separation to your mixes. You’ll be surprised just how much this information will help. Download it Now! DOWNLOAD NOW     Facebook video is one of the hottest features on the platform. The company is in…(Read More)

  Whether you’re a professional DJ, an aspiring musician, or just love the idea of making music for fun, there are more smart and techy gadgets available than ever. We’re taking a closer look at a couple of popular “toys” on the market that could turn any room into your very own studio…(Read More)

  Last week we started the discussion aboutbuilding your brand as a DJ. With a few basic elements including a logo, press photos, biography, press kit and promotional merchandise, you can be on your way to a having a solid brand presence. We’ll continue the conversation with a closer look at logos and how…(Read More)

    60 As we continue the discussion around building your DJ brand, we’re taking a look at a few key elements (mentioned in our overview) that are needed to get started. Last week we examined how to create a logo that is not only expressive to your brand, but also timeless. In this…(Read More)

  Over the past few weeks, we’ve reviewed a few essential branding pieces that DJs should have ready to go in their arsenal. With the right branding, you will not only stand out in the crowd, but you’ll impress potential clients and make it easier for them to book you. Having already covered…(Read More)

We take a look at five DJ stereotypes and the outfits they typically wear up in the club. You might even find a new black shirt! If you are wondering what to wear to that next DJ booking then look no further. Whether you play music in the club, on the air or in your…(Read More)

The fourth and newest addition to Reloop’s Concorde cartridge collection is now available and focused purely on giving DJs the highest sound quality possible from records. With an elliptical stylus, the Concorde Vibe gives maximum contact with the record groove, resulting in rich and detailed sound reproduction. The Concorde Vibe was specially designed for…(Read More)

Hip-hop just won big. According to an annual report by Nielsen Music, 25.1% of all music consumed in the United States comes from hip-hop and R&B artists. This is the first time since Nielsen started measuring music consumption in the U.S. that rock is not the top genre. As…(Read More)