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The mission of the Community Hands Network is to empower youth of all ages, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds to make positive and enduring changes in their lives, in their community, and their environment. Community​ ​Hands​ ​Network The Multi-Media Mentor Academy & The Animal Habitat and Petting Zoo of San Diego.

Funding for CHN and its Multi-Media Mentor Academy, Animal Habitat and Petting Zoo of San Diego programs, will be provided by government grants, corporate sponsorships, foundation grants, fundraising events, executive board member contribution, individual donations, and the DJ Jam Entity.


The founder of CHN is Walter “DJ Jam” Nash. Nash attended Cal State
Dominguez Hills where he majored in Music with an emphasis in Audio
Engineering. While studying and perfecting his craft he was noticed and recruited by recording artist/producer Dr. Dre to work as his DJ. His career has also included DJ’ing and working with high profile recording artists such as Snoop Dogg and others. While touring the world with Dre and Snoop he was able to visit various exotic destinations and see diverse landscapes. He was especially interested in attending safaris, and visiting zoos, special animal habitats, rehabilitation clinics, wildlife and animal resource centers. Vis à vis these experiences, Nash developed a strong passion and interest for animal Nash began to breed and raise hairless guinea pigs, eventually shipping them around the world to meet a need for hypoallergenic pets that serviced children and other individuals with animal dander allergies. This in turn led to his experience in raising other domesticated and exotic animals such as monkeys, pigs , goats, lizards, tortoises, turtles; fish,hermit crabs; peacocks, ducks, and other varieties of birds. Through research, Nash developed a high level of expertise in working with animals by building a baseline knowledge of animal needs including habitat, hygiene, nutrition, medical, and social-emotional. Additionally, Nash
consulted and collaborated with experts, participated in webinars, and read textbooks in order to acquire the knowledge to be a successful animal caretaker.

CHNetwork is a “dream come true” for Nash as his foundation will work to develop and foster positive experiences for individuals of all ages, but particularly youth. DJ Jam plans to recruit reputable experts with various backgrounds in music, animals, education and philanthropy to serve the public for the common purpose of giving back to the community.

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